Expanding Contract Engagements

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Welcome procurement management professionals and all socioeconomic development enthusiasts. Your visit to this particular web site provides freely shared expert information pursuant to supplier inclusion processes to advance small business activity. Commonly employed ‘Good Faith Efforts’ and ‘Best Practices’ by most major buying organizations have tendencies to overlook the essential purpose for having small business outsourcing plans. Consequently, positive outcomes on our domestic economic landscape remains bleak for upcoming black and Native American entrepreneurs, showing limited growth needed to expand jobs for all Americans. Continue reading

Sprint buys T Mobile for competitive parity

For decades under-utiized business enterprises have sought to acheive competitive parity with the well-known companies servicing major corporations.  When it best suits the major corporations, competitive parity is an imporatant marketing strategy, and are more than willing to invest multi-billion dollar deals  ($32B) to acheive it. Continue reading