Qualifying Your Bidders

by: Dean L. Jones, C.P.M.

It is a daunting task to include new firms with a fair supply chain assessment. Illumined purchasing management professionals employ broad socioeconomic sourcing strategies that ensure a large variety of qualified firms in the final bidding analysis.

Taking the right time to model and design buying logistics with VIABLE suppliers is the only way to ensure that our society benefits from the core investment of purchasing management professionals. Large organizations with annual spend exceeding $50 million dollars have lots of personnel dealing with supply chain activities.

Whether its delivering sales or services to customers, shipping products, negotiating with suppliers and trading partners, managing inventory, or gathering information on better processes, everyone has to communicate inclusive supplier engagement principles. Working with the National Black Business Council has provided our consulting activity expanded solutions for supply chain management that broadens the connection for internal corporate sourcing teams to engage quantifiable small businesses. In doing so, sourcing team members are empowered to perform with optimal productivity, maintain profitable relationships with new VIABLE suppliers as business partners.

The National Black Business Council extends a supportive automated system of companies with proven productivity and efficiency ready to deliver on time as prescribed by end-users. In the activity of internal supply chain management rarely is the work of initiative support undertaken to engage lesser known black and Latino-owned firms.

By integrating a niche supply chain manager into the sourcing process a large buying organization can stay in firm control of business inclusion and generate the results necessary for a more perfect union.